The blank page

I need you to see the endless opportunities you have. I will always guide you and give you the messages you need to know, when you need to know them. There’s a book in the room, where your daughter is sleeping, where I can show you, what you need to think about. But you need to be in charge and make things happen. I cannot do that for you. I will guide you, never doubt that. You can do whatever you want. It will all work out. You’ll see. You don’t need to write a long post in order to get your message across.

I went in her room, careful not to wake her up. I looked at the books. One caught my eyes. I knew it wasn’t the book, but I was just a bit courage about the title. I found an old receipt inside the book. I looked at the date. It was the 30. At the bottom of the receipt it said, that there was a 30 days return. 2 x 30. That must mean to look at page 30. But which book? And then I found myself staring at a different book. And I just knew. I get some sort of a tunnel-vision and the world seems to stop for a split second. I’m not sure how else to explain it. And as I took it out of the bookcase and held it in my hands, the intuition said: yes, that’s the one.  

OK page 30, what have you got to tell me? I sat down and opened the book. Preparing myself for the words (I knew there wouldn’t be any pictures in this book). I found page 30. Page 30 was blank! What? A blank page between chapters. A blank page between my chapters? In life? Ready for the next chapter?

I couldn’t help wandering if a blank page was my intuition’s way of telling me, that I am the one, that must write my (own) story. Meaning I have to make things happen. By myself. Surely it will always guide me, I have a very clear feeling about that. But the actually typing – not to leave out finding the job, that’s perfect for me, is my own responsibility.

After all my intuition cannot do that for me. It’s time to fill out that blank page. Write a new chapter in my book. My life.  

What do you need to write on your blank page – the next chapter of your life?

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