Back towards chest(nut)

A couple of days ago I heard the sentence “my gut feeling is telling me” at least 10 times. Within an hour. All in one TV program. From different people, who didn’t know each other. My gut feeling is telling me to do this, go there, stop seeing this person, finding another place to live. It was the answer to everything and definitely the most effective one, as it put an end to all further discussions or arguments in the program. It was indeed the final and ultimate showstopper. End of discussion. End of conversation. Continue reading “Back towards chest(nut)”

Where do you go for answers?

I put another film in the VCR. The curtains where drawn blocking out all lights. For the next three days nothing was planned. No sightseeing, restaurants, meeting new people. Out side, was the most beautiful sights. Amazing mountains and wildlife. A completely different country and culture, yet with a familiar language, that I had build a very special connection with, despite not being my native. I felt a bit foolish to be on the other side of the world (literally), and then blocking it all out for a few days. Continue reading “Where do you go for answers?”

What’s your identity?

Saturday I attended a birthday party for one of my friends. I only knew her, so I put on my best mingle-party-face and started talking to some of her other guests. After the obvious questions, regarding the reason for me attending the party – how I knew the birthday girl du jour- I was asked “what do you do for a living?” I don’t know if it’s the same everywhere, but were I’m from, it seems to be the number one question, when meeting knew people. I guess it’s out of curiosity and a way of getting to know the person standing in front of you a little bit better. Continue reading “What’s your identity?”

The castle and the rhubarb

I felt like my eyes couldn’t close. But I need to meditate? I need to know today’s message? Surely that’s the best way to start? But I couldn’t. I just sat there. Eyes wide open (despite NES, Never Enough Sleep). Staring at the rhubarb outside in the garden. Go there, and just stand there for a while. But there will be no picture? No, because you already have the picture for today. You just need to go there. Knowing not to argue (too much) with my intuition, I of course went and stood as closely to the rhubarb as possible. And then I understood the message. Continue reading “The castle and the rhubarb”

The blank page

I need you to see the endless opportunities you have. I will always guide you and give you the messages you need to know, when you need to know them. There’s a book in the room, where your daughter is sleeping, where I can show you, what you need to think about. But you need to be in charge and make things happen. I cannot do that for you. I will guide you, never doubt that. You can do whatever you want. It will all work out. You’ll see. You don’t need to write a long post in order to get your message across. Continue reading “The blank page”

The power of the butterfly part II

I know it’s late, but it will make you feel better. It will make you feel more at ease. Relieved. Reassured. Go and draw a card now, before you go to bed. I promise you, it will all work out. Saturday I found the purple butterfly, which is on today’s picture. My oldest daughter had placed it there. Sunday (whilst doing what seems like endless piles of laundry) I discovered the butterfly-sticker, which my youngest daughter had played with the other day. It had survived a trip in the washing machine and literately flew out of the machine, when I opened it. Continue reading “The power of the butterfly part II”