Putting the parts together

I was smiling. A friend of mine had just called me to tell me about her upcoming jobinterview. She sounded so happy and that this could really be something for her. “I can then have my own business on the side, you see. I can’t see myself just doing one thing, you know?”

I stood there in the shop and somehow my intuition wanted me to go and look at a wine. Having not wanted to focus on signs all the time, I couldn’t help overhearing this one. I picked up the wine and looked at the label. Was it a butterfly? Or half a butterfly and half leaves? It was not difficult to understand what the company wanted me as a consumer to understand. It was a wine (hence the vine leaves) and there was also a butterfly – or part of it anyway and together the two completed each other and made a butterfly as a whole. I looked closer. An organic wine, it said. So by producing wine in respect (for nature) it came together as a whole (product).

I put the wine down and as I left the other shop (you know the one with the hair-style-woman) I finally understood that I have to not focus on one thing or the other. I could do two or three things at the same time and still feel complete. I don’t just have to pick writing as a profession. I could work with clairvoyance as well, if I wanted to. And maybe a third thing too?

Seeing (and hearing it) so clearly (the 3-times-rule) makes my faith to the universe grow – and you know what else? It makes me happy. Why? Because I know, that I can trust, that I’m being guided when I need to be. I can tone down the hunt-for-signs-and-reassurance but I will always be shown the signs, be given the messages when I need to. I can not hide from it and that’s exactly what makes it so special to me.

Thank you for reading and have a great weekend 🙂

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