Law of attraction – an experiment

Is it possible to get from 46 to 111 within a very short time? Well I guess it depends, what you’re talking about, right? Can you attract what you want in life? Is there really such a thing called “The law of attraction”? I mean is it really possible and is it something you can learn? Is it difficult? I mean if it was easy, then wouldn’t everyone do it and get what they wanted in life? Are there certain limits on what you can attract? Well I have decided to do an experiment without any previous experience regarding the matter.

Part of me doesn’t want to post this, because if it goes wrong then what? I’m putting myself out there with this experiment. I have to believe, believe and believe it will happen. I have to stay positive no matter what because if I start doubting, then I will attract that and the experience will fail and I’ll make a complete fool out of myself. Stupidity or bravery? And if it doesn’t work will people stop reading and following, or will they send me smiles and happy thoughts out of pity?

By the 11th of September I am going to have 111 followers on this blog. She must have lost it, you might think, right? Does it sound provocative or as a fair challenge? My current stats are 46, so it seems crazy, right? Especially because I have been blogging since February. So in 7 months I have got 46 followers. That’s less than 7 a month. And if I’m to reach my goal, I need 65 more, which is an average of 8,1 pr. DAY. Sounds impossible right?

But wouldn’t it be really great if it happened? Now do you read this and think it’s never going to happen? It’s impossible? Or do you think I can do it? But if this is going to work I need to believe it myself, right? I have to attract it myself. It has to come from me right? I have to be the one focusing on it, even though I can’t reach my goal without 65 more people will sign up to follow me. Which makes me think if I can have an impact on 65 people in 8 days, so that they’ll follow me? I want to manifest something that involves other people to act. To sign up and follow. Is that even possible?

Is it temting faith to write about what you want to happen or do you need to keep it to yourself? I mean all the people I have read about have all written examples on how they attracted this and that AFTER it had happened. Who knows how many times, days, months, years they did it for, before it came true? Can you “spoil” the “The law of attraction” by saying it out loud and putting it out there, like I’m doing now? Or does it not matter, because it all comes down to a matter of timing and you’ll get it if you really want or need it? Can I manifest it or has the decision already been made for me? Meaning that it doesn’t make a difference if I think about and try to maifest it, as it will happen if the Universe decides it for me? Is it a matter of predicting things? Wanting something so much, that it’ll happen? Or has the Universe already made up it’s mind?

Can I, by changing my thoughts to constantly (or at least as much as possible) be thinking positively and by then reach a higher level of energy in order to manifest to reach 111 followers in 8 days?

Will it happen? I guess saying no or I don’t know is probably not a good move from me right now, right? Because that will be doubting, which is a negative energy, and Law of attraction is about having a higher and more positive energy, as far as I understand it. So if it doesn’t happen it means that it either wasn’t meant to be or because it wasn’t the right time? Or perhaps something completely different?

In Law of attraction is there such a thing as “faking it until you make it?” Can you trick your thoughts and by that your feelings to be more positive in order to get what you want?

Is Law of attraction rare, because it’s a well known fact, that we can’t stay positive all the time? Maybe it’s as rare as seeing a face on the spoon after you’ve served lasagna to your family?

Time will tell… Do you follow?

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