Law of attraction – an experiment

Is it possible to get from 46 to 111 within a very short time? Well I guess it depends, what you’re talking about, right? Can you attract what you want in life? Is there really such a thing called “The law of attraction”? I mean is it really possible and is it something you can learn? Is it difficult? I mean if it was easy, then wouldn’t everyone do it and get what they wanted in life? Are there certain limits on what you can attract? Well I have decided to do an experiment without any previous experience regarding the matter. Continue reading “Law of attraction – an experiment”


I was recently asked by a stranger on Instagram, how long it took me to trust my intuition. At first I had no idea what to answer. After having thought about it for a while I finally answered, this: Well that’s a good question. I have spend the majority of my life trying to fit in and be just like everyone else, which meant that I was mainly following my ego. But now I am trying to find the strength in being myself and I have discovered, that the best way to be me, is to follow and trust my intuition. Yet it’s an ongoing process. Continue reading “Nurture”