Alone in the tree – day 3 of the Law of attraction experiment

She sat down in front of me. I felt nervous yet calm (is that even possible?). What happened next, I did not see coming. There was no way I could have predicted it. She gave me her necklace. I held it in my hand and was about to close my eyes. I didn’t get that far before the first picture popped up in my head – before my eyes. It seemed so real.

I thought I had to sit there for a long time, focus, close my eyes, breath heavily in and out, asking my guides for help. But the picture just appeared. I wanted to interpret it immediately – what did it mean? How was I suppose to tell her what I had seen? Sure, my ego was keen to analyse, but somehow I instinctly new that I should not do that. I should let whomever had shown me the picture answer. I looked away for a second and then I got my answer and a lot more pictures and little short films.

It started raining as I turned and walked back along the beach. Not many people around today. The season is changing – the autumn is coming. Last week I went swimming here, in the sunshine and I was not alone. The sea was rough today and I couldn’t hold back the tears. Please help me, I whispered. What is it you want me to do? I have seen eyes everywhere for weeks, for months now (but if I’m to be completely honest, I think I’ve seen it always. I have just not been so aware of it or had any idea on what it means. I still don’t know a 100%, but I am getting closer every day).

I see you sitting in a tree, I said to her. Still a bit nervous. What would she think of me? A tree? Have you climbed so high up in the tree to make sure no one would follow you? I sense that you’re affraid to let someone into your life, your heart. You are feeling scared and lonely? Perhaps it’s time for you to invite someone to join you, meaning letting someone in your life, a partner.

She looked at me, I could see and sense the sadness in her eyes. You’re right she said. That’s me, I’m sitting alone in that tree and I am so so scared.

OK I’ll give you just 5 minutes to wrap things up, our instructor/teacher/ mentor (I’m not quite sure what to call her really, but she is hosting and facilitating the intuition/clairvoyant workshops I’m attending about once a month) said. I was feeling beyond overwhelmed after that “experiment” I knew I sensed and felt things, but I had no idea, that I was able to get those kind of messages through just by sitting opposite another person. What was that? To be honest I’m struggling a lot with this. Not because I can see and sense things, but what on earth am I to do about it? And furthermore, how can I explain it to you? Does it even make sense to you?

Go back to your car and start writing. You need to start listening and start helping people. But how? perhaps you could show be a manuel or something? Break it down for me in say 3-5 EASY steps on what to do. I got in the car. It was raining a lot now. Looking out the front I could hardly see the sea. To the left the rain also came in hard. But then I turned to look out the passengers window and it was all clear. No rain spoiling the view due to the way that the car was parked. It got me thinking about that the answer to my question regarding what to do, is about finding the right angle and way of looking at things. I have to figure how and from which angle I need and want to see things. Maybe I can explain it with a picture, I took today at the beach. The top picture is how things are (normally seen, when you first look at it. Unless you’re lying down, I guess 🙂 ). And the picture below is how I see things: Eyes and or faces. Does it make sense?

So what does that have to do with my crazy Law of attraction experiment, you might ask? If you haven’t read it then please fell free: Law of attraction- an experiment. Certainly the more “eyes and or face” I see, the more I seem to attract them. They literately pop up everywhere and I know, that I have to do something about it, but I’m not yet sure on what (and where to start, non the less!) But last night, before I went to bed I saw myself looking at my phone in the morning (as of today) that I had got one more follower – and I did! So thank you, you made my day 🙂

Current stats: 48 followers (+2)

PS. I you have just read this, it will probably not make any sense, why I have included my stats on this post, so please read law of attraction – an experiment, where I explain what and how I got into this mess in the first place 🙂

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