Alone in the tree – day 3 of the Law of attraction experiment

She sat down in front of me. I felt nervous yet calm (is that even possible?). What happened next, I did not see coming. There was no way I could have predicted it. She gave me her necklace. I held it in my hand and was about to close my eyes. I didn’t get that far before the first picture popped up in my head – before my eyes. It seemed so real.

I thought I had to sit there for a long time, focus, close my eyes, breath heavily in and out, asking my guides for help. But the picture just appeared. I wanted to interpret it immediately – what did it mean? How was I suppose to tell her what I had seen? Sure, my ego was keen to analyse, but somehow I instinctly new that I should not do that. I should let whomever had shown me the picture answer. I looked away for a second and then I got my answer and a lot more pictures and little short films. Continue reading “Alone in the tree – day 3 of the Law of attraction experiment”