Happy thoughts and smiley faces – day 2 of the experiment :-)

But what does it do? She asked. I looked out the window, well I think it cleans the footpath (looking at this strange machine/car/golf car?-ish thing driving very slowly next to us on the path), I said hoping that the 4 year old in the back seat would find the answer sufficient. Cleans the footpath? I turned briefly to look at her. Seriously? She said whilst still looking puzzled. I could tell that she couldn’t understand it, and then I said to her, well it doesn’t make any sense to me either.

We both started laughing. Me perhaps a little more than her. My stomach starting to hurt whilst trying to keep it together and start driving as the lights turned. I couldn’t stop laughing and after a while she told me as a matter of fact-ish: You know what, mommy? The circus is not in town! Which only made it that more difficult for me to stop laughing (and driving, I might add).

I couldn’t remember the last time I have laughed like that. You know, when you really just let go and give in, because you have just heard or seen something so silly/ridiculous/crazy or whatever and you just can’t help yourself. That feeling when the world stops for a second and there’s no room for anything negative or worries about what will happen later or tomorrow. No room for what if, but?! Should! Have to! You’re just there, here, present.

As I dropped the girls of I turned up the radio in my car. And found myself listening to a conversation regarding how many spiders you on average eat a year in your sleep (??!!). The researcher explained: I cannot understand why that myth hasn’t died yet! I mean how did they even come up with this number in the first place? Did they put up cameras and sat there watching for a whole year, yes that’s one climbing into this person’s mouth, let’s see what happens the next 364 days? I LOL 🙂 Well I couldn’t stop myself, it was just too funny. Having laughed like that TWICE in under an hour, I had the sneaky suspicion that another can’t-stop-smiling-laughing-like-crazy episode would turn up… And before I knew it, it did!

I went to the supermarket shortly after the spider-episode and, well let me first tell you about the supermarkets in the country I live in, Denmark. Most of them are AWFULL, to put it mildly (I am sure my fellow Danish readers will agree with me). One of the things that make them specifically bad are the way the staff will NOT acknowledge your presence (I know I’m not selling this country. But people don’t come here to see the supermarkeds anyway and it’s probably not so bad everywhere, I’m sure, but believe me it can get really bad and ugly in there).

Anyway when you like me are so privileged to go shopping in the mornings, times when there are most likely to be more staff than costumers present, you will often find that there will be no staff at the check out! Apparently they are too busy sitting around waiting for customers. Instead they spent their time putting things on the selves, talking about their latest parties, football or whatever their interest, often as if no one could hear them. I have often found myself really annoyed about this disrespectful behavior, can’t they understand that I’m a paying costumer? No costumer, no shop! And I have NEVER, out of pure despite and anger, rang the bell by the check out trying to get someone to react and come forward and let me pay for my groceries, but today I did!

And what happened? A man came running, smiled and said something like, you rang and I came running. Not so funny translated, I know, I’m sorry in Danish it rhymes (Du ringer, vi springer), and as he gave me the receipt he looked me in the eyes, smiled and said may you have a great day! Which is almost an unheard sentence to hear in the Danish supermarkeds, at least while they look at you. They might say it, but I have often wondered if they had said it to me or the next costumers carrots going by 🙂

Filled with smiles and laughter I arrived home and decided to make some smiley faces for the children (and the husband) when they come home. As I took them out of the oven I noticed that it wasn’t just the mini-pizzas that were smiling (because I MADE them smile with cheese and tomato sauce), but one of the rolls was smiling too – or was it laughing so hard that it’s eyes were closed? 🙂

Regardless it got me thinking about, that there are the kind of smiles and laughs that you can create and share with others and then there are the unexpected smiley faces that you see on your path in this thing called life 🙂 (By the way have you noticed, that today’s post is more about 🙂 and less about ? likes yesterday’s post? 🙂

So to sum things up today regarding my experiment about Law of attraction: When you focus on happy thoughts and see smiley faces appear, then there will be more. A bit cheap to say? You might add, but today I have managed to attract just that. And isn’t it what you’re suppose to do, to get what you want? To attract what you want, because then your energy is working on a higher level? The kind of level that will attract succes?

If I in any way have made you smile (or maybe even laughed just a little bit) when reading (any of) the above, then please follow my blog or drop me a line or a 🙂

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