Happy thoughts and smiley faces – day 2 of the experiment :-)

But what does it do? She asked. I looked out the window, well I think it cleans the footpath (looking at this strange machine/car/golf car?-ish thing driving very slowly next to us on the path), I said hoping that the 4 year old in the back seat would find the answer sufficient. Cleans the footpath? I turned briefly to look at her. Seriously? She said whilst still looking puzzled. I could tell that she couldn’t understand it, and then I said to her, well it doesn’t make any sense to me either.

We both started laughing. Me perhaps a little more than her. My stomach starting to hurt whilst trying to keep it together and start driving as the lights turned. I couldn’t stop laughing and after a while she told me as a matter of fact-ish: You know what, mommy? The circus is not in town! Which only made it that more difficult for me to stop laughing (and driving, I might add). Continue reading “Happy thoughts and smiley faces – day 2 of the experiment :-)”