The leaf, leap and the results

Your idea on what to focus on when writing your thesis has travelled around the university long before I got a chance to talk to you. The professor looked at me. I felt slightly embarrassed and nervous. Part of me feared that he would laugh at me and say that it was a crazy idea and what have you, but he was kind, understanding and went a long with my idea (at least to begin with 🙂 ). He challenged me to set it up, how, what, where, when until I finally realised myself that it could never work in real life.

Tuesday last week I wrote a blog post about The Law of Attraction. I set up an experiment and by that I took on the challenge if I could focus and manifest my way to having more followers on this blog (partly because I was curious if I could get it to work and partly because I was (slightly) feed up reading stories about people that claimed to have been manifesting this and that AFTER it had happened). So yes, I was provoked and wanted to do something differently (again you might add). Like the way my thesis at university started out. Continue reading “The leaf, leap and the results”

Happy thoughts and smiley faces – day 2 of the experiment :-)

But what does it do? She asked. I looked out the window, well I think it cleans the footpath (looking at this strange machine/car/golf car?-ish thing driving very slowly next to us on the path), I said hoping that the 4 year old in the back seat would find the answer sufficient. Cleans the footpath? I turned briefly to look at her. Seriously? She said whilst still looking puzzled. I could tell that she couldn’t understand it, and then I said to her, well it doesn’t make any sense to me either.

We both started laughing. Me perhaps a little more than her. My stomach starting to hurt whilst trying to keep it together and start driving as the lights turned. I couldn’t stop laughing and after a while she told me as a matter of fact-ish: You know what, mommy? The circus is not in town! Which only made it that more difficult for me to stop laughing (and driving, I might add). Continue reading “Happy thoughts and smiley faces – day 2 of the experiment :-)”