Coronavirus – Part II (yes this post is in English – I will explain why…)

I have forgotten to appreciate the small things, the big things and this thing we call life.

In these past 4 weeks, were I have been cooped up inside (and outside in the garden), isolated from everything and everyone (apart from my husband and two young girls). I have not been anywhere, no supermarket or shop in 4 weeks, due to Coronavirus.

I have been focusing on all the things that this Coronavirus-situation was limiting me from doing. I felt ill and lost for energy (I have not been tested, due to mild symptoms, but I know that I had it as I have never felt like that before…) I felt robbed of my time, my business (life), my social life. I was furious and feeling sad and upset when I saw the news and when I listened to my own sad I-am-a-victim-storytelling-song that seemed to go around in my head like a non stop playlist.

I have been screaming and crying and yelling. I have been so frustrated that all my plans had be changed – it wasn’t fair! I have been looking at my bank account and thought how will I possible get through this crisis?

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