The odd one out

“Do you find it difficult to start writing? I understand that, but you mustn’t give up. I know it’s late and you’re tired, but I will help you what to write. I think you know, what you want to include in today’s post, but you seem to having trouble starting to write. Don’t worry. I ‘m with you. I’ll guide you. Need something more specific, than what I just told you? Go to the bookcase and take the 3rd book from the right and read page 28. You don’t need to copy it. But it will get you thinking and starting writing the story, you need to tell today”. I went to the book case. 1,2,3 (I don’t really think that book can help us, the ego complained). “Just go with it. Go back to your computer and read it. You’re strong. You’ll work it out”. Continue reading “The odd one out”