When the blinds come down

For the past six months I have been seeing and hearing things (I think I have for a much longer time. Maybe always? But I have not been paying much attention to it). Signs, small films or podcasts, if you like. As an inner voice, guide – my intuition. I have been given so many signs, shown numbers, opened books on pages that instinctively gave me the answer I felt I needed at the time. I have focused and looked for signs everywhere. I wanted a sign for everything. And I got it.

I wanted reassurance that I was on the right track. So much that I wanted to interpreting everything. But yesterday I got to a point were I somehow found, that I don’t need any more signs and reassurance. And I think I’m (slowly) coming to the conclusion that I need to stop doing that and do something else, as it is no longer getting me anywhere closer to a decision on what to do. I have asked for signs long enough. Continue reading “When the blinds come down”