I see, is the answer

She opened another can and started to eat the content of it. She ate fast. She was sitting a few seats in front of me on the bus. It was dark. I could only see the silhouette of her. The smell of the open cans was one thing, but the sound of her chewing the sausages was even more disgusting. It was like she never closed her mouth when chewing. It would be a very long bus ride, if she would carry on like that.

The sea was only a couple of hundred meters away. I rolled down the windows. I could definitely hear it. The sun came out that same second. It brought tears in my eyes. I had a lot relying on today. I felt I had build it up so much in my head and on my blog. Last night I could hardly fall asleep that’s how excited I was about going to the sea today. Excited in a good way. You know the butterflies. Happy. Singing. Dancing. I was looking for answers and today, I was sure that I would find them. Continue reading “I see, is the answer”