The leaf, leap and the results

Your idea on what to focus on when writing your thesis has travelled around the university long before I got a chance to talk to you. The professor looked at me. I felt slightly embarrassed and nervous. Part of me feared that he would laugh at me and say that it was a crazy idea and what have you, but he was kind, understanding and went a long with my idea (at least to begin with 🙂 ). He challenged me to set it up, how, what, where, when until I finally realised myself that it could never work in real life.

Tuesday last week I wrote a blog post about The Law of Attraction. I set up an experiment and by that I took on the challenge if I could focus and manifest my way to having more followers on this blog (partly because I was curious if I could get it to work and partly because I was (slightly) feed up reading stories about people that claimed to have been manifesting this and that AFTER it had happened). So yes, I was provoked and wanted to do something differently (again you might add). Like the way my thesis at university started out. Continue reading “The leaf, leap and the results”