The power of symbols – 17/25

Today I wanted to write about how a trip to the hairdressers (I haven’t been since July last year) could be a way of looking after myself – make me happy, feel good about myself, and maybe it would also lead to finding my silver lining? Worth a chance, right? 😉 As I sat down to have my hair washed, I found myself looking straight at three pictures, which were hanging on the wall just opposite my chair. One of a bird of prey, one of a bear and one of a moose. As soon as I saw the three animals I couldn’t help of smiling and I instantly knew, that today’s post would not be about going to the hairdressers (although I feel privileged, that I am able to treat my tired mommy-hair to some much needed attention 🙂 ). Continue reading “The power of symbols – 17/25”