The power of symbols – 17/25

Today I wanted to write about how a trip to the hairdressers (I haven’t been since July last year) could be a way of looking after myself – make me happy, feel good about myself, and maybe it would also lead to finding my silver lining? Worth a chance, right? 😉 As I sat down to have my hair washed, I found myself looking straight at three pictures, which were hanging on the wall just opposite my chair. One of a bird of prey, one of a bear and one of a moose. As soon as I saw the three animals I couldn’t help of smiling and I instantly knew, that today’s post would not be about going to the hairdressers (although I feel privileged, that I am able to treat my tired mommy-hair to some much needed attention 🙂 ).

Yesterday I wrote about how some people think, that you will get shown or told things three times by your guide(s), because they are trying to get your attention and guide you. And today I can add symbols to that story (and endless of counts as it turns out. Although I have only recently started to see that connection).

While attending Sunday’s workshop I realised, that I see animals in everything. They somehow take shape in trees, flowers, shadows, clouds, cracks in the ceilings and so on. When I think about it, I have always been aware of it, but I have always just thought about it as me having too much fantasy (is there such a thing by the way?).

As I sat at the hairdressers, I couldn’t help of overhearing another costumer talking about horses. I don’t really know much or have much interest in the subject, but the woman went on and on about horses. She wasn’t exactly whispering, so I kept thinking, what does this mean? Why am I sitting here hearing all this? I ruled out coincidence as I do no longer believe in that 🙂 .

Finally it was time to have my hair washed, and that’s when I saw the THREE pictures of the THREE animals. I smiled the whole way home (yes I am also quite happy with the result 😉 ) As I came home and sat down in front of my computer, I couldn’t help of looking at my feather, which I had drawn at the workshop on Sunday to use as an interpretation on our past, present and future (yes that’s why the paper is folded in three. Note how if the paper was folded the other way (which everyone else did), I would not have any future to look at, so good thing I did it that way 🙂 ).

I now see the bigger picture: Feather, horses, bird of prey, bear and moose – symbols of such power and of which I know now, that I need to look into.

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