1,2,3 listen – 16/25

“Sit down quietly in a meditation position. We will like to help you. We know it’s hard. Come to us, when you doubt your way. We will guide you. You are not going to suffer any more. We are here to help you. Don’t despair. You are made in love and joy. We will comfort you. No more tears. You are light. You are to help other people, but first you need to help yourself.You need to make sure you’re at peace in order to hear us. Away with everything, that takes up your energy. Surround yourself with people, who have your best interest at heart. You are on your way. We have always spoken to you, but it’s import that you listen now. Ok, it doesn’t matter if the piece of paper is perfectly in place. It doesn’t matter if you make mistakes. you are not your mistakes.

When you get so overwhelmed, every time you take the time to tune in, you must understand the seriousness. We only want what’s best for you. You are not to die yet. You have to live. Don’t worry. Breathe. Release it all through your tears. One day you will see the connections. And the light. And the holes in the clouds. Do not edit it. It’s to be lived. Seek help from those, who want to help you. Carry the love in you heart, that is your way. Your are doing the right thing. Set yourself free.”

The above is a non-stop piece I wrote after I had been tuning in on the question: Which advise do you receive regarding the development of your intuition? It is written in 10 min. No editing. I simply just wrote down, what I was told. It is written down in my note book, you know the one I had trouble finding about two weeks ago. https://howtofindyoursilverlining.com/2019/02/14/it-will-all-be-unfolded-9-25/

Saturday as I was getting ready to attend another workshop, of which I knew I had to take the book with me, I still couldn’t find it. In stead of running around the whole house (which I used to do) getting annoyed with myself, I simply send out the question: where is the note book, please? And in no time, I was guided to wear it was 🙂 As I flicked through it, I came across the non-stop written text above.

When I left for the workshop I was full of questions. Would I get the answers, I wanted? (and deeply felt I needed, in order to move on and hunt for my silver lining). The woman, whom was hosting the workshop, said that some people believe, that they (your guides) will tell you things three times and if you don’t listen, they will stop telling you about it.

After I typed the above I realised, that I could now count to three, regarding my questions on what I am suppose to do with my (work)life.

  1. The woman had told me: Take care of yourself, listen, trust you will be shown your path in life.
  2. A few months ago I had received a much similar answer myself
  3. and now the answer in this book (which I had forgotten all about).
I had written it back in November 2018. No more questions for now. Time to act and listen.

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