It will all be unfolded – 9/25

Earlier today I was looking for a note book I was given on my first attended class of ‘how to find your intuition’. After my yoga class this morning, I was thinking about what I should write about today (I fell asleep very quickly last night, so no ideas came to me then. Not that it seems to make any difference what so ever, as those ideas are not coming through to my fingers anyway, as I sit in front of the computer looking at another blank blog post. I guess we finally established that yesterday :-)).

Anyway again today my ego wanted to take control and try to show me, that I can plan and figure it all out (Including what and how to write). Or persistently trying to tell me that I HAVE to plan and figure it all out, more likely. I had written down some things in that note book, so I thought maybe today I would find my inspiration on what to write on this blog by looking in the book. Surely it would give me some sort of ideas, right? I mean it contains MY own words regarding MY intuition. So what could be a better source of inspiration, than my very own words? (the ego wanted to know. I hope you can tell, that I do have my battles with that side of my brain ;-))

Before I went looking for the note book, I looked out of the window and saw little yellow flowers in the garden. The voice said (you know my inner voice – my intuition – my guide): “Go out into the garden and take a picture of the yellow flowers, as they have yet to unfold. Then you will know what to do. Don’t worry you have plenty of time to write, what you need to do today, before you are going to pick up your children. You can not write about what you are going to do with your job situation yet, as it has yet to be unfolded” (sure you have some ideas, right? I mean you got to think about it when you met up with your mentor on Tuesday, so why not write about those ideas? Thanks but no thanks ego, I’m following my intuition. Please stop with your argumentation!)

So after my garden photography experience, I went looking for the note book. Turns out I couldn’t find it (explained by the ego: you are a bit of a messy person, that is why you can’t find it). As I stood in front of the book case my eyes landed on a book, I bought months ago and had forgotten all about (the receipt was inside the book – I bought it back in October!).

I took it out and looked at the cover. “You need to read page 11”, the voice said. “Then you will know what to write”. I took it back to my computer and sat down and opened on page 11 (I am not sure what it is about the number. It is constantly popping up in my head, on the cars in front of me, the time – will you believe it, the time is now 14:11 ;-)) On page 11 the author of the book, which is about angels, writes about how the angels are guiding her in what to write. It’s like she is just the messenger and they are telling her what to write. At the bottom of the page it says: “I pray that reading this book will help you develop an even stronger connection to your own guidance. May the messages given in this book open you up to hear God’s personal messages for YOU”.

It makes me think, that maybe it is ok not to be able to figure and plan everything, as it will all be unfolded when the time is right – maybe come spring, like the yellow flowers?

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