1,2,3 listen – 16/25

“Sit down quietly in a meditation position. We will like to help you. We know it’s hard. Come to us, when you doubt your way. We will guide you. You are not going to suffer any more. We are here to help you. Don’t despair. You are made in love and joy. We will comfort you. No more tears. You are light. You are to help other people, but first you need to help yourself. Continue reading “1,2,3 listen – 16/25”

It will all be unfolded – 9/25

Earlier today I was looking for a note book I was given on my first attended class of ‘how to find your intuition’. After my yoga class this morning, I was thinking about what I should write about today (I fell asleep very quickly last night, so no ideas came to me then. Not that it seems to make any difference what so ever, as those ideas are not coming through to my fingers anyway, as I sit in front of the computer looking at another blank blog post. I guess we finally established that yesterday :-)).

Continue reading “It will all be unfolded – 9/25”