Weekly update – 2/5

Week 2/5. In many ways a busy week. Meeting up with a friend, my mentor, having family over for dinner, yoga and of course writing 🙂

MONDAY I met up with a friend, whom I haven’t seen for a while.

  • I got to think about being present. Being here right now and not always think about tomorrow, next month, next year. Why am I so occupied with: “When I get a job..”, “When the children are older we, can go on this holiday… (and maybe we can get some more sleep 😉 ), “What am I going to do, when the 5 week challenge (please read my very first post 🙂 ) is over?”. Isn’t it time to focus on today and really try hard to live like there’s no time like the present?

TUESDAY I saw my mentor/coach and on my way home, I found myself being guided on how to make it home the right way, as the train station, I was ment to catch a train from was closed, due to a tragic accident.

  • When I became aware of that I would not be able to get home, the way I had planned, I found myself standing in the middle of chaos coming from police cars’ sirenes, lots of people stopping and asking each other: What happen?, and just listened as the voice was telling me what to do. Need I say it was a very strong force or whatever I should call it?, a very strong sense of taking directions, and when I did follow it all worked out in the end 🙂 It got me thinking, will following directions lead me to finding my silver lining? Can the voice – my guide help me, to not only get me home safe, but also find my path in life? My happiness?

WEDNEYSDAY I (again!) tried to figure things out and thinking I can always plan on what, I want to write about. I mean, when the ideas keep you awake at night, there must be a reason for it right?

  • Something was holding me back and I couldn’t just pick a topic, that had left me almost sleepless the night before. I then tried to chose a new picture for my blog, but was guided to turn things around, literally. I was told to turn the card around, that I had chosen and decided should be my new picture. And as I did, I found myself smiling with relief, I had found my picture. It even said on the card to do things in a different way, is it time to look at things (AKA my job situation) in a different perspective? (quite the cliffhanger, I know 🙂 )

THURSDAY was some how a bit similar to Wednesday, as I started the day out thinking I could choose a topic from my note book, I was given on my very first class on how to find your intuition. (Did I not learn anything from Wednesday’s experience? clearly not. Or was it just a(nother) case of my ego wanted to control and plan everything?)

  • I discovered that although I set my mind to do something (or is it the other way around?) as in finding that note book (which by the way I still haven’t found) I need to stop, look (today it was to look out of the window 🙂 ) and most of all listen. Because I WILL get the answers I need, when the time is right. In this case what to write about and what picture to include. So is finding my silver lining (and my next job) a matter of trusting that things will be unfolded when the time is right? And will I be able to practice this, I mean does it make sense to just ask and listen? What if I don’t get any answers? Turns out, the voice is a lot quicker talking to me, than I am of typing so it simply said: “You will”. And on that note the time is now 12:11 🙂

FRIDAY – the day of reflecting on ‘my week’.

  • So am I getting closer to my silver lining? (It has only been two weeks 🙂 ) I am definitely starting to listen more and follow directions and being more present and… Quite the week really. But I must admit that writing this blog is giving me a real sense of direction. And something (or someone ;-)) is somehow telling me, that I will not run out of things to write about – As long as I listen.

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