What number is your energy? – 18/25

In a way I have been prepared to write this post for a while now. Or more dreading it, really, as I’m not sure where it takes me. You know that thing that constantly pops up in your head or is shown around you? You sit there going, why? what? again? Please tell me, what it means. I am begging you. I can’t help of wondering: when you’re being shown the same thing over and over again, when do the pieces fall into place, so you can finally understand what it means?

I am seeing the number 11 a lot. As in several times a day and have done for months. It’s 11 past something, on the car’s number plate in front of me, I’m driving 11 meters above sea level, it’s 11 degrees outside, the food is cooked in 11 minutes. 11,11,11. Dreading today’s subject, although I know it must have a story to tell, I started to tidy up and then a feather fell out of one of the books. Seriously? I don’t remember ever putting it in there… It must have been there for years.

Although I have payed attention to yesterday’s symbol-craziness and sent out a message of help early this morning (I hope it will be answered soon) in order to help me with this whole seeing-animals-every-where-view-on-things, I realise that the feather must be the answer to my constantly doubting ego: “yes you’re heading in the right direction.

As I went through stacks of old books and papers, I was thinking, that this time I’m really getting somewhere, as suppose to: https://howtofindyoursilverlining.com/2019/02/20/courage-to-act-13-25/ (I love it, when you can make these statements and actually believe them 😊 ). I put a stack of books on the table. I put them next to one another. Books I have been reading years ago BC (Before Child). What did they all have in common? They were stories about strong woman that had been through hell and back, abusing parents, husbands, kidnapped, sentenced to jail on falls accusations. They had all survived and some how found their inner strength (or was it their silver lining?) to carry on and were now living the life they always wanted.

I counted them. There were 8 of them. Instantly my inner voice told me “there are more” (and I knew I would probably find three more of its kind) I went straight to the book case in our lounge and counted 3 more. 11 books.

I flicked through my note book. I had written the number 11 three times on different pages, as to not forget to include the subject one day (like that would ever happen 😊 ).

At Sunday’s workshop we sat down to find our energy. Our own little bobble of energy. As soon as I was inside it, the music played. I couldn’t sit still. My feet were dancing. It is not a song, you hear that often on the radio, but I knew I had come across it recently listening to a podcast. It was a two hour program and when I finally found it, I discovered that the song starts at 1.00.11 in the program.

So what does the number 11 mean? I don’t really know (that is probably why, I have been dreading writing this post). I don’t know. Maybe it’s OK not to know everything right now? But I do know, that I get the feeling, that I have to crack the code to number 11 in order to fully understand my energy.

5 thoughts on “What number is your energy? – 18/25

  1. I suspect you already know this, but google always has the answer 😛

    “The Meaning of Angel Number 11. The number 11 is a Master Number which means that it resonates at an extremely high vibration. … Angel number 11 represents a transmutation of your personal power to a higher, more spiritual level. Master Number 11 is associated with spiritual illumination and our ‘inner teacher.’”

    Looking forward to following your progress 😉

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