Courage to act – 13/25

Today I woke up early (without any alarms, crying children or books about hungry yellow bears, that likes honey and feels the need to play tunes in the middle of the night – please see yesterday’s post 🙂 ) with a strong feeling about tidying up. I had the feeling, that it is time to clear out all unnecessary things.

I thought about all the things I have been putting off, instead of just doing it, get things crossed off my to-do-list, take chances and most important: reach out for help. I couldn’t help wondering – will finding the courage to act on these things make me happy? I figured it was definitely worth the try.

In my attempt of tidying up, I felt the need to start with my handbag. I found old receipts, tissues, chocolate wrappers (I admit, I have a sweet tooth) and a little stone, with the word “courage” printed on it (yes it’s the one, you can see on today’s picture 😉 ). I had bought it some time last year, when I came across it in a shop, and found that it wanted me to take it home. I remember putting it in my handbag, the day I went to the meeting with my old boss, that was going to change my life – the day I quit my job.

I then started to make a list about all the things, I needed to do. It was not short. I must admit, that I did feel a bit overwhelmed. As soon as I wrote one down another one pupped up in my head. I thought I could do a lot of the things and afterwards tidy up my wardrobe, the shoes, the kitchen, the bathroom drawer and the… STOP! Who was I kidding? Why was I setting myself up for failure? I mean there’s no way one person can do all that in one day, right? (unless they don’t have any children, live alone, and don’t need more than a couple of hours sleep at the time 😉 ).  

It got me thinking, why am I thinking I can do all this in one day? I can’t keep pushing myself like that. Although I definitely could benefit from tidying up, I need to slow down and do one thing at a time. I need peace – inner happiness (wasn’t that what I set out to find, when I started this blog?) not adding stress. I then decided to write an (very uncomfortable, yet important) email and think about, how can I get closer to finding my silver lining. 

I reached out for help.   


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