Where do you go for answers?

I put another film in the VCR. The curtains where drawn blocking out all lights. For the next three days nothing was planned. No sightseeing, restaurants, meeting new people. Out side, was the most beautiful sights. Amazing mountains and wildlife. A completely different country and culture, yet with a familiar language, that I had build a very special connection with, despite not being my native. I felt a bit foolish to be on the other side of the world (literally), and then blocking it all out for a few days. Continue reading “Where do you go for answers?”

Expect the unexpected

“We only accept Deutsche Mark and American Dollars – cash only! You’re welcome to leave your bags here and we will reserve the room for you until tonight, if you can find a place, where they will accept your Visa card. Good luck!”. As I started writing this story, I had absolutely no idea why, I was told to do it. Eyes closed I listened as the story was told. Just start writing, and you will figure it out. And so I did. A 22 year old story. Why? Continue reading “Expect the unexpected”


A large car came towards me, as I was driving on a narrow road (one of those where it’s only possible for one car to pass at a time), so someone always have to pull over and let the other car through. I drive a small mommy-car, so I am used to pulling over every time 😊 Anyway today this large car actually pulled over, way before needed, so I could pass. At first I didn’t think much about it, other than it was a nice, friendly, helpful gesture. As I sat down in front of the computer, all I could write was HELP.
Continue reading “HELP”