Where do you go for answers?

I put another film in the VCR. The curtains where drawn blocking out all lights. For the next three days nothing was planned. No sightseeing, restaurants, meeting new people. Out side, was the most beautiful sights. Amazing mountains and wildlife. A completely different country and culture, yet with a familiar language, that I had build a very special connection with, despite not being my native. I felt a bit foolish to be on the other side of the world (literally), and then blocking it all out for a few days.

Whilst driving today I saw this message on a car’s number plate: “Jesus is everywhere”, 2 min., later I saw a number plate with 911 and as soon as I hit the motorway a car overtook me with a number plate, that started with AA. It got me thinking about answers, support and help. How and where do you find the right amount of support, help and answers to all your questions? Where or what do you turn to? How do you find the right help, when you need it? And what happens, when you can’t find anyone or anything to help you? Or if you find help, but it’s not the right support and it doesn’t fully answer your questions? If you’re alone? Poor? Unemployed? Sick? Miserable because life is just a little bit too hard right now – whatever the circumstances?

Is it only in the matter of life threatening situations you call for help? How do you know what help is right for you? And more importantly, how do you reach out for that support and help?

There’s a book in your book case. It has purple on the cover and on page 32 you’ll find the answer to your question of today. I opened my eyes. I found the book, opening the book at page 32 before even sitting down. I was so occupied with finding the “message” on that page, that I didn’t pay much attention to the title of the book – “The help”.

Page 32 is about how a woman, who has all the latest kitchen equipment and tools. She is trying to bake a cake, but it’s just not going her way. “The help” is looking around the messy kitchen already looking for solutions and cleaning products, to put an end to piles of flour and baking items everywhere. Although she is not hired yet, she is already thinking about, how and what to do in this situation. How to be the best help, she can be.

So what does this rather famous book (which turned into a film) got to do with me spending three days blocking out the world, when I SHOULD have been making the most out of my stay in that country so far away from my own. I couldn’t help of wondering, if my intuition was trying to tell me, that of course help comes in all sorts of shapes, some acute, some unexpectedly, some when you feel part of a group/support system – and then there’s the kind of help and support, that comes from inside. The kind of help, that even on a busy day, will guide you to make some choices, which at the moment cannot be logically explained.

Whether you find your support and help in your faith, other people or whatever it might be, you’ll still need to give yourself the right support and help. Because finding the right support – including (and especially) the one coming from within, you can climb that mountain – or a plume tree.

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