Back towards chest(nut)

A couple of days ago I heard the sentence “my gut feeling is telling me” at least 10 times. Within an hour. All in one TV program. From different people, who didn’t know each other. My gut feeling is telling me to do this, go there, stop seeing this person, finding another place to live. It was the answer to everything and definitely the most effective one, as it put an end to all further discussions or arguments in the program. It was indeed the final and ultimate showstopper. End of discussion. End of conversation.

Then I read a blog post about trusting your gut feeling, when going in to investments, about FIRE and the search for freedom and purpose of life through financial independency. It made me think about gut feeling in general – or intuition, as I like to call it. Is it the same thing? It seems like an eligible and perfectly normal answer or argument to why you’re thinking a certain way. Or acting a certain way.

What’s your gut feeling telling you? Could you see yourself living here? Buying this property, investing in these projects, working here etc. But never have I heard some one say (maybe expect for myself), that my intuition is telling me to make an offer on that house, live somewhere else and so on.

I couldn’t help of wandering if sticking to the phrase “gut feeling” is keeping things perhaps a bit more down to earth? Maybe due to the words? We all know, where the gut is located and it’s a VISIBLE part of our body. But when it comes to the intuition, where is that (located)? Can you point out where it is? If it is the same, as a your gut feeling, does that automatically mean, that it’s located the same place? Or can it still be the same thing, yet located somewhere else?

And how do you pay attention to it? Is it in fact something you can hear? An inner voice – an inner gut voice? Seems rather unnaturally to have your gut talking, doesn’t it? Or is it actually a sense of emotion, that you feel in your stomach? The feeling, when you have agreed to do something or being asked to do something, and you just can’t see yourself ever doing that? Because everything inside you is crying out no! Or when you end up doing something and afterwards are thinking, I knew I shouldn’t have done that. Does that mean, you did hear, feel or somehow knew, but you deliberately overheard your gut feeling or intuition?

However you choose to look at things, I guess the most important thing (to me anyway) is not how you hear or feel your messages are getting through, it’s how you act or not act upon them.

And picture of the day, please? Well if you go out in to your garden and stand back towards the chestnut tree. Which I did yesterday, and took this beautiful picture (I think), but it’s not until now (when I actually took the time) I really pay attention to the play of words. Back towards chestnut tree. Back to chest – is that not where the gut is?

One thing is for sure, my intuition definitely knows how to get through to me – sometimes with a great sense of humor – often when I need it the most. To make me smile (again). And somehow reassuring me, that everything will work out.

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