Are you dancing? – 22/25

Can your hear the beat? Do you hear the music in your heart? Are you dancing to the beat of your heart or are you following a different tune, because you think you have to? A week ago I became aware of the power of symbols as it was staring me in the face, when I least expected it (at the hairdressers of all places!). It brought me to the conclusion, that I had to act on it (there was only so many feathers and birds of prey I could take 😉 ). As I sat in the chair and listened to the drumbeat, I felt like I was dancing. Music coming within. When I got home, I couldn’t help of wondering, is dancing to the beat of the music in my heart a sign of me being on the right path to finding my silver lining?

What can you see? What can you hear? What do you feel? The drumbeats becoming louder and more powerful. I sat there. Eyes closed. The beat more and more profound. Like an inner film I saw myself dancing to the beat of the music. It felt like it was coming from my heart. My feet not touching the ground. I smiled. I was thinking about what it felt like, if I was following what was in my heart. New career opportunities. Writing, travelling, having fun. No limits. Freedom. My girls playing on the beach.

I opened my eyes again. “How was that?” she asked. I can’t even remember what I told the coach, sitting opposite me. I think I was a bit overwhelmed by the whole experience. But I do know this, that I was meant to talk to her and somehow all these symbols had shown me the way. Her ‘office’ being within 5 km. from where I live. What are the odds? And then I rediscovered what’s on today’s picture, which has been with me for the past few years, as I at the time, just had to buy it (or was I told 😉 ). Arrows combined with adventure? I give in and feel thankful for all the signs I’m given.

It got me thinking about something I told my husband a few weeks ago regarding my (job)situation. I told him that as long as I knew what I wanted to do, it would be so much easier to make a plan and work towards my goals. At the time I had no idea, what I wanted to do.

After today’s session it became obvious to me, that I DO know what I want to do with my (work)life. But I never get to the stage, where I can actually start to plan something, as I constantly shoot down my ideas before they even start to really grow. I throw it all away by telling myself, and everyone else around me, that it can never work and I won’t be able to create that kind of job. Why? Because I constantly doubt myself. Why is it so hard to believe in myself? I mean, I can go to London and dare to dream and after a few months, I wanted to work in a top bar making cocktails, without any experience. I walked into the bar that was hiring. Got the job. Trained for a month and toke the test: 50 cocktails. Which ingredients, type of glass, type of straw, which garnish, build, shake, blend. If I can do that, can’t I then find my ability to dream again and go after it?

As I came face to face with the music in my heart today I realised, that I can’t turn back now. I can not go back to a full time office job. I need to pursue my dreams. It will mean great changes, taking risks and doing what may be considered impossible. But I have to believe that as long as I can hear the music coming from my heart, I’m on the right path.

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