Write, just write – 21/25

“This card is a sign that the plan, project or purpose, you have been considering, is in agreement with your soul’s higher creativity. Do not worry, even if the details develop in a different way, than you would have thought. It’s always good to have clear intentions and let the details be up to the Universe”.

“Kuan Yin, the beauty of the peacock blesses you with her mercy and compassion. She helps you to let go of all fear and doubting of your own creative ability, which can be about writing, about music, healing, a healthier body or more clearer thoughts. The wishes, you already have inside you, are already starting to form. You mustn’t give up, but it’s good to let go. Let your inner beauty find it’s own expression, my dear friend. It’s time to let your inner beauty shine”.

As soon as I read it, I knew. I was instantly feeling a step closer to what I am to do. I have to write, just write. In the last week a so, something has changed inside me. Something has just clicked. I feel more at peace, I feel stronger some how. Is it because I feel a stronger connection to the Universe? My inner voice? Because I’m doing something I really love doing – free to write? Maybe all the above? Is it because I’m finally listening and allowing myself to really pay attention and take in the answers?

I don’t know the details. I don’t have a (business)plan. I don’t know what tomorrow brings. I don’t know where I’ll be next year. But for the first time in a really long time I’m following my heart in an attempt to breathe and reboot. To let in the light. Allowing myself to feel happy again. Does that mean I’ve found my silver lining already? (As I set out to do four weeks ago – have you noticed that I finally understand this link thing? 😉 ) Can I hold on to it? Will it stay with me and how do I hold on to it?

So many questions, such strong answers. “Your soul’s power will start to flow through your words and plans. The best and smartest way to use this power is to decide, that what you say, choose to do or create will agree with the divine beauty in your heart….”

6 thoughts on “Write, just write – 21/25

  1. Yes, I noticed 😛 (the link thing)…

    Writing your thoughts and ideas can be a powerful thing (it seems).
    What will you do next week, when your 5-week challenge finish? 😉

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