Is your GPS talking? – 23/25

A while back the GPS navigation system in my car stopped talking. I tried to turn it off and on again, but it kept quiet. Once after a two week holiday it started talking for one or two trips (which at the moment got me thinking if it was in as much need of a holiday like myself 😊 ) But then it went back to being silent. In the beginning I was annoyed, but then I thought, well I can still use it, I just have to pay more attention to the map showing me the way. Today as I was bringing my car in for it’s annual service, I asked if they could please have a look at it. And after some time, I finally got my answer.

Navigating through unknown streets can be a bit scary for me. Especially when I know I haven’t updated the GPS in my car. Because I never really found the time for it. I kept putting it off and somehow found myself getting more and more annoyed about unknown roads, roundabouts and what have you, that for some reason kept appearing on the roads I was driving along. It almost made it impossible to get to my destination or at least it felt like that.

“Have you got a minute”, the woman asked. It’s your GPS. “It needs to be rebooted so it can be updated completely. And then it will have the latest maps and everything. And it will then start talking again.” As I sat back down in the lounge-car-display-area to wait, it got me thinking about navigation systems. Mine had for some reason stopped working. And it could only with the right help get working again. It needed someone to help it, that spoke it’s language. After all I’m not a mechanic.

I know it may sound a bit too philosophical, but I couldn’t help wandering if that was, what had happened to my own inner navigation system. My intuition. My inner voice – my guide. Had it somehow always talked to me and when I didn’t listen, it just gave up? Eager to help me, it still went on showing me the maps and trying hard to help me to my destination, even though it had no idea where any of us were heading.

Feeling afraid, upset, lost and unhappy I spent a lot of time looking for help in many different places. Talking to a lot of different people. I got more and more depressed and worried. As I asked the Universe for help on what am I going to do with my (work)life? I was told to take care of myself, do what makes me happy and then when the time is right, you’ll know what to do. That’s why I started this blog –my 5-week challenge in the first place. When I was told to write (although I don’t know all the details yet – far from it 🙂 ) I felt relieved. Haven’t I always wanted to write? Had I got so hung up up in my own detour-life, that I had forgotten about it?

It wasn’t until I met someone, whom spoke my language, played my music, that made my heart dance, that I really felt it made a difference. So maybe that’s the way to finding my silver lining? It certainly feels like my GPS has been rebooted and updated 🙂

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