The heart (or the bird) of the story

I looked at the 3 comments, I had written down shortly after we had ended the interview. 3 things that stood out to me. It had not been difficult to write them down. Although I did feel slightly under pressure to be sure to write down “the most important things”. Was it because I was worried to miss or forget something? Or was it because I couldn’t understand the connection? Continue reading “The heart (or the bird) of the story”

The perfect imperfect

I went through some of my old student books about interviews in an attempt to prepare myself for my first upcoming interview, on my way to start up as a “professional story teller”. How to make the perfect interview? How to start, how to finish? What is most important? What kind of interview do I want to make? I even found my thesis and started to read about some of the interviews I had done at university. Despite having already been told yesterday, by my intuition, not to prepare for another academic interview, I guess my intuition just played along and allowed me to continue my research and planning, the way I’m used to. Obviously it didn’t get me anywhere. Continue reading “The perfect imperfect”

A pocket full of ideas

My oldest daughter is always picking up stones, sticks, flowers, little beads and whatever she finds outside. She will give them to me while saying: “mommy here is a present for you, look how pretty it is”. I smile and give her a hug and put them in my pocket. For the past 6-8 months I have been brainstorming about what to do with my work life. Many ideas have come to my head, but for some reason I have never been able to pick one. Having discovered, that I want to write, even more thoughts spring to mind. Where to start? What happens when your thoughts take over and you feel like it’s hard “just to follow your intuition?” Is it due to being scared of making the wrong decision? Fear of failing? My own insecurity? Continue reading “A pocket full of ideas”