The essentials

We can’t do that. There’s no way, we can go in there. But what other options do we have? I don’t know. It just doesn’t feel right to me. It’s kind of disrespectful. I agree, but our water bottles are all empty, and we cannot go on without water for that much longer. We need water, now!

I looked at the screen. I somehow knew, that today would be the day, where I was going to send her the story, I had written about her. It was time.You need to write a Danish version too, the intuition said. I started writing it. Trying my hardest not just to translate from one language to another, but to be sure to let her soul shine through in both languages.

A story had popped up in my head last night. A travel story. That sometimes happens, and when it does, I know I have to pay attention to it, as its my intuition’s way of telling me something – a message (I was not aware of this until recently. But why else would a memory like that all of a sudden occupy my thoughts?).

We were on a cycle holiday in Germany in 2009. The weather was very hot and we had somehow found ourselves on a route, were there seemed to be next to nothing, other than nature and cycle paths of course. We thought, we would go through lots of tiny little villages on the way to our target for the day, (a campsite, were we had planned to spend the night), were it would be possible to by refreshments (lunch and plenty of water!). We kept cycling. Not a shop, café, supermarket, petrol station or restaurant in sight.

We were getting more and more desperate. It was getting hotter and hotter and somehow we found ourselves getting more and more thirsty, just thinking about the fact, that we had ran out of water. At some point we came past a graveyard. There’s our water, I pointed out. It’s right there, my finger showing the way to a tap outside, next to a small path. I’m sure, they wouldn’t mind. The water felt cold and refreshing and gave us the strength to carry on.

Having been told yesterday, by my intuition, that as long as I kept writing, what was in my heart, I could not go wrong with her story (or my own for that matter), I still seemed to doubt myself. I couldn’t help wondering, how much it would take for me to feel persuaded. How many signs did I actually need? Would it be a matter of time? Or would my intuition at some point just give up on me? If you need more reassurance, then please take a card, the voice answered. As I started to shuffle the cards, one “flew” out and landed on the floor. I knew that was my card for today. Last time I was told to just take the top one of the deck, but today it landed right in front of my feet.

As I looked at it, I started to realise, why that travel story seemingly had popped up in my thoughts out of nowhere. The card said “Queen of WATER”: Even if things aren’t perfect, there’s a sense of peace and calm within you, and you intuitively know what to do next. Your feelings for – and insights about – others can be trusted. Trust your intuition.

As I hit the “send button” I saw the times was 02:11 pm.

I started to see what the water resembles. It is essential. And so is love (Thank you muesli for showing me this morning at breakfast). It got me thinking, if writing is another essential for me. Even though I don’t have many readers, I enjoy it so much. I think about it all the time. Which stories to write. How to write them. Could that be why the travel story had reoccurred in my thoughts? Was it my intuition’s way of telling me, that I need to remember, what my essentials are?

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