What makes you blossom?

Oh, come on, everyone knows that you are in charge of the South Point Bar and Phil is in charge of the main bar. I looked at him. Was that really the way people looked at it? I was very surprised and didn’t know how to react to that comment, so I just smiled, I guess? Truth is I don’t remember much more, than just that comment, not even the conversation prior to that, only the fact that I was very surprised. After all it is almost 22 years ago.

Yesterday, inspired by my own baking skills and creativity, which my intuition so kindly had pointed out, that I need to attend to more, I attempted another variation of the same recipe. Dough rising over night in the fridge and with tomatoes, rosemary and sea salt (I am happy to share the recipe, although this might develop into a food blog then – but if that’s what it takes to get more views – or perhaps a job, so be it). When finished, I couldn’t wait to try one. I took a random one from the batch and sad down in front of the laptop. I looked at it, could it be? Yes, it looked like a flower! That wasn’t my intention in the first place. I had just randomly but the rosemary on them. I smiled. For the first time that day (yes, sometimes all it takes is a flower – or some freshly baked bread?).

But that wasn’t the first flower, I had come across that day. Just before taking the baked goods out of the oven, I had, on my never ending search on what to do with my work (life) situation, read an add for a project, where they were searching for volunteers. By the look of it, it seems that there could be a payed position (needless to say, that would work wonders for my situation right now – being unemployed) available as well. I called and ended up leaving a voicemail. The founder of the organisation quickly called me back. The payed position was no longer available. But the volunteer one still was.

It made me think, that what would happen, if I took out more time, than I have done back in February, and went all in volunteering? What if I had two, in stead of one, volunteer job? One that emphasized on communication, websites, marketing, sponsor-deals, writing stories (my current one) and one which emphasized on coordinating an event, making sure everything was running smoothly, making people feel welcome and safe, that all the teaching lessons came together for the refugee women, to give them a fresh start in their new country, they now call home? What would that be like? Say in 6 months I sit in front of a potential employer saying, I took out time to focus on making a difference and help out where I could, using my degree, my qualifications and all together to learn and gather useful experience? What would a future boss think of that approach? I shall leave you with that question for now and get back to the blossom-story.

The project that called for me (or at least caught my attention) has a blossom as a logo and, wait for it, the word blossom is part of the organisation’s name! Later that day (yesterday), as I drove to pick up the children, I saw a black mini-van with gigantic pink and purple roses on it – at least half the car was covered! And you know what they, wait I say, that 3 times, then it’s time to pay attention. OK, so how does 3 times blossom connect with an almost 22 year old story?

I was working at a hotel in England in the event department (mainly behind the bar) and after only a few months (and no previous experience with bar work), a colleague of mine said that sentence, that kept popping up in my mind today. I discovered, that people were thinking about me as being in charge of one of the hotel bars. I had no idea! Thinking about it today, makes me realise, that yes, I can coordinate and make things happen after very little time. I can make people feel welcome and talk to them (you would be surprised about what stories you listen to, when working behind the bar – or maybe not!).

Everyone had a different background than me and in the beginning, I sometimes struggled to even understand what they were saying. And which drinks they wanted. Different culture – different drinks. Luckily most of them were very kind to just point. I was the foreigner who, although I spoke English, always stood out. I looked different, spoke with an accent and spend (unknowingly) a lot of time and energy to fit in to the community of which I was living in. Although incomparable with women, who have fled their country due to war and other disasters, I think know, that I’m am capable to fulfill that position – in many ways. Weather or not they will have me is a different story.

I can’t help wandering, if this is my intuition’s way of letting me know, that by taking ownership of the way, I view things now, I will make things happen. By creating my own fulltime job (even if it’s only volunteering) will that make me blossom? Make me happier? Is that what my silver lining is about?

What makes you blossom? And why?

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