Weekly update – 3/5

The other day I was thinking, that maybe I’ll skip writing these weekly updates, as it might seem a bit silly to “summon things up” after only four days of writing/listening/trying to pay attention – on the hunt for finding my silver lining. My inner peace. My path in life. But when I woke up this morning, I found myself looking forward to today’s post, as it gives me a time to reflect on how the week has been. I also gives me a sense of having a plan (although I know I have written about, how I can NOT plan everything (or anything, depending on how you look at it 😉 ). So in a way it contradicts everything, as it gives me a feeling of having some sort of control over this “project”. But I can’t help of wondering, if a combination of intuitive behavior and control could be the way forward? Is it even possible that these two can coexist?

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Run or fight – 14/25

In life we are certain to go through some rough times. We might experience traumas and the experience may stay with us for a very long time – maybe forever. Especially if untreated. Sometimes we instinctively don’t want to open up or deal with whatever has had a traumatic affect on us. But what happens when your body is talking to you? (and won’t keep quiet? – And you don’t listen) Can that keep you from finding your silver lining?

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