Finding the answers – 3/25

I think I have always thought, that there was more between heaven and earth, but it’s not until resent (the past few years) that I have come to understand, that I’m being guided from above, that I sense things and emotions around me. I have been very sceptic about this, as I found it easier if I could just deal with things in a rational way based on facts, in short think logically – and only use my head. But lately I feel I can no longer deny that part of me. So I am trying to open up to that way of comprehending things – and most of all I’m trying to listen.

The first time I really became aware of my intuition was during a yoga class in July 2016. I was off work as I was so stressed and my doctor had ordered me not to work for a while. I also had some problems with my back and my chiropractor recommend that I try yoga in order to strengend my core (and to try to ease my troubled and overworking mind). During a yoga nidra in one of my first classes (it’s where you lie on your back whilst being guided by the instructor through a meditation), I saw a film being played inside my head. I saw myself standing by the sea holding hands with my toddler and as I looked down at myself I saw that I was pregnant. I was a bit surprised about it and thought to myself that it was probably my mind playing tricks on me, and the reason for this was that I wanted to have another child. After woods I wrote the whole experience of as ‘wishful thinking’. But it kept coming back time after time, as I was lying in the yoga class during yoga nidra. One day I found myself asking (not aloud of course) when I would give birth. The answer came instantly: August. Later that year – two days before Christmas I discovered, I was pregnant and I gave birth to my second daughter in August the following year!

Ever since I have been trying to ‘ask questions’ and listen for the answers or trying to pay attention to my intuition/inner voice. It was actually the reason why I started doing this blog. I found that when I am really sad and upset, I somehow get a little hope inside and I’m being told to do some things. Like when I almost gave up and thought, who is going to read this anyway? Where is this going to get me? And I didn’t know what I should name this blog, I was told to take a card (angel tarot cards, I was given by a friend many years ago but never looked at), because that would give me the answer. When I did, I was no longer in doubt. The card said: “Be careful not to focus too much on the negative, as there’s a positive in every situation. You may be missing the silver lining…”