Are you taking or following directions? – 7/25

Today I met with my mentor/coach whom I started up with in June last year. I needed a person from outside my family/friends to objectively take a look at my job situation. I basically needed a stranger to ask me a lot of questions (that I almost didn’t wanted to ask myself) in order to get me to a point, where I could make a decision on what to do. In short I wanted someone to take directions from (which of course I have realised is not possible…)

As I was walking to the train station, on my way home, I saw a lot of police cars and fire engines surrounding the station where I was going to catch the train home from. A lot of people had gathered around as more and more police cars were arriving. My first thought was that it could be because a person had ‘fallen’ onto the tracks or maybe it was terror? I may not have been aware that I asked the question, but then I got sick to my stomach and found myself breathing heavily, and I instantly knew that it was not terror (which later was confirmed).

My next thought was, how am I going to get home? The train had stopped half way inside the tunnel in the same direction as I was going. I knew that it was probably going to take some time before the trains were running again. I thought about if there were any busses that could take me at least some of the way home, but then I felt a sense of directions.

I stod still and listened. Then I was told: (by whom I consider to be my guides. For now I think I will call it that, as I really have no idea on what else to call that voice in my head. And no, I am not going crazy and just hearing voices, I am starting to pay attention to my intuition :-)) go to the central station (which is only a few minutes walk away), everything will work out. So I did. As I got there a large amount of people had gathered around a woman whom was working for the train operator. She was given information about the situation but I missed what she said and was about to ask her to please repeat it. But before I got the chance she said, “hold on everyone I am now getting more information”. Everyone stopped talking as we where awaiting what information she was given in her walky-talky-thing she was carrying.

And then she said: “No need to walk to the next station, I have just been informed that the trains will now run again from this platform”. And then a voice in the speaker system said that the train, which was already waiting there, was going to be the train for the exact station I needed to go towards. I smiled to myself as the train left the platform – was I just directed (on how to get home)? And could this be the start of me following directions?