What makes you carry on?

The other day a tractor pulled out in front of me in a small roundabout. I got really annoyed thinking why did he do that? There was no cars behind me, so letting me pas first would have been a nice gesture. As I got closer, I could see the number plate ended with 118. The date of this Sunday, where I have promised myself to set myself free and no longer hanging on to Plan B and the safety net it comes with. As I later drove the same way to pick up my children, the same tractor pulled out in front of me – again! What are the odds? Anyway today it happened again, same tractor, but this time, there was a small car between me and the tractor.

I couldn’t help wondering, if that meant, that there’s something between me and the 118 – 11. of August. The day I stop making excuses for myself and leave the unemployed system with all it’s benefits. Yes it’s terrifying and scary and nerve raking and a gamble and a leap of faith in to the unknown. But at the same time exciting and I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it. So what is in the way? Am I still doubting? Holding back? And why? An unfinished story?

The other day as I got in to my car, after having done the weekly shopping, and looked at my mobile it said 11:11. Today I realise that when ever I feel like quitting or afraid of the next step in life, I know why I have to keep going. It is not just because, I want a different work life, I also do it because of my family and my girls. They need a mom who is present, happy and excited about what the future holds.

Count to 11, the intuition said. As I turned the card, I instantly knew. No more holding back. Time to move on and start something new:

“The end of a phase or situation. Spiritual transformation. Time to move on. There’s no benefit in remaining in this situation. In stead shake off the old and welcome the new!”

PS. The picture is over a year and a half old – the youngest is 2 next month! But I love that picture so much. It shows love and having fun. Enjoying life. Keep focusing on that – love and fun and you can’t go wrong, right? Always follow your heart.

PPS. As I now look at the picture it says “Hit the home button to unlock” I couldn’t have said it better myself – the home button being your heart. Unlock it and follow what it tells you.

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