Do you sea?

I sat there looking out into the sea. The beach very wide and sandy. No land insight. Next stop USA had I been able to see so far. I sat there all by myself. All alone on this amazingly beautiful beach. I felt so calm despite the sea so rough.

I stepped outside. I knew I needed the walk today. I couldn’t seem to find peace (inside). As soon as I stepped outside I could smell the sea. I really could. I live about 30 km. away from the sea, but there was no doubt in my mind. I know that smell so well.

I started walking. A few minutes later I saw a seagull flying in the sky. Not an uncommon sight around here, but I felt very strongly that there was a message coming through, but what?

The last bus had come and gone and I had no idea how to get back to the hostel where I was staying. How could I have been so stupid not to check the bus times before I even got on the bus to this remote place? My calm turned into desperation. What to do? It was certainly way too far to walk. And even if I had, there was no way I would make it back before nightfall. And even so, I had no idea which way to walk. Needless to say I was a bit lost!

I looked at my phone whilst out on my walk today. My oldest daughter is in a kindergarten where they go out to the forest or other places everyday with their bus. They mostly go to the forests in the area but once in a while they go to the beach, which is a bit of a longer drive. I looked at the pictures on the parents’ Facebook group. They were at the beach today! 3 times beach theme in less than half an hour. I knew I needed to crack this one. What was the message?

I ran towards a couple, as we stepped of the boat. Somehow I knew, they were my only chance. They had been on the same little boat coming back from the island as me. They had a hired car. And they were happy to drop me off at my hostel. What a relief. They even told me about things to do in the area and were to hire a bike and where to go. I was so thankful. I offered them money as a thank you, but they weren’t having any of that. The help was just, what I needed.

When I was growing up, I lived with my family near the sea. I always went for a walk along the sea front whenever I needed to clear my head (and get away from home for a while. When I didn’t feel understood by my parents. When I struggled with school stuff. Boyfriend stuff. Friends stuff – you name it). The smell and just looking at the sea always made me feel calmer.

And then it hit me what the beach theme of the day was about. Looking at the sea makes me calm. Could it really be this simple? That I need to go there and just sit down and look at it? Would that make me get closer to creating my business? Why can’t I focus? You need to go to the sea and to relax more. When the time is right, you will know what to do, the intuition said. More relaxing? But this is already day 3 of me having done, well not so much.

I looked up and saw today’s picture. For me it looks like an angel. Later today, I walked passed a girl who had the word ANGEL tattooed on her leg – in English – whilst the song playing from my phone was about an angel. I couldn’t believe it. More than 100 songs on that playlist – one with the word angel in the title.

Could I really lean into this? That the Universe somehow would let me know in time, what I am to do? Is it really possible to just let go and trust that? I have already taken a big step, and it feels good, so yes, I do, I sea.

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