The snail and the time passing

The sun began rising as we stepped outside the airport. A new day, yet no yesterday. A new country to explore. The whole flight we had been in the dark. No sunlight what so ever. One day was missing, which would never come back.

As I took the girls to their daycare this morning, I noticed a shift in my focus. I was no longer looking at the numbers on the cars’ number plates. Instead I was focusing on the letters. I didn’t quite understand why. I have found myself looking at the numbers on cars and everywhere else for weeks, months even and now I no longer felt drawn to them. Was it because I had made the decision on Sunday the 11th of August, that I no longer needed to look at numbers for clues? Can it just stop over night? Did it mean, that I from now on had to focus on letters rather than numbers? After all the decision was made and the date had passed.

I remember missing the sunlight. When will the sun rise again? It seemed forever to be in the dark. I was impatient and finding it really difficult to rest and sleep on the plane. What time was it anyway? I wanted time to go faster, yet it was working overtime. By the time the date line was crossed and we landed more than 30 hours had passed.

Today I got my Business Registration Number (CVR in Danish 🙂 ). It took less than 24 hours for the authorities to approved of my Business name and set up. Although they had prepared me for, that it could take up to 14 days! I looked at the number. It was my personal business number. It’s 8 numbers. Part of me was expecting number 11 or 8 or any combination of the two being part of it. I felt a bit confused. Maybe I really didn’t needed to focus on the numbers anymore? Having already sensed earlier, that my focus might be shifting from numbers to letters?

I looked at the bamboo in the corner of the garden. Was that a snail? How did it get there? It was hanging on to a leaf about a meter high up from the ground. Maybe not such an impressive acomplicement in the land of snails, but it got me thinking, what that would translate in to in the land of humans?

I reached for the book in the bookcase, as instructed by my intuition. I guess it sensed my impatience and need to get things done. After all today is my second day as self employed business owner. I should have everything in place and have a business plan ready, right? As I read page 73 (which was the page my intuition told me to read), I instantly knew the connection with the snail. Slow down, don’t force, flow.

“If you stop chasing after something, stop forcing something by trying to control it, then everything that you need will automatic come to you through flow and attraction, like in a dream.”

The flight took 11 hours and took place in the month of August.

I looked closer at my registration number and started to add them up. Seriously? The first 4 numbers equals 11 and the last 4 equals 8. I couldn’t have asked for a better reassurance from the universe! That number is forever stuck with me – thank you!

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