The eye of the beholder

Can you please tell me, if there’s anything else I need to include in her story, before I send it to her? I went for a walk. Nervous and restless. I felt like so much was at stake. What if she didn’t like the way, I had written her story? What if she couldn’t relate to it? Couldn’t recognise herself in the words? Not see her heart, her soul in the story? I felt like, the story was not finished, but couldn’t quite put my finger on why. I left the computer behind and went for a walk, knowing that I would find my answer outside. In nature. I don’t even have to be told any more. I just know. Continue reading “The eye of the beholder”

The heart (or the bird) of the story

I looked at the 3 comments, I had written down shortly after we had ended the interview. 3 things that stood out to me. It had not been difficult to write them down. Although I did feel slightly under pressure to be sure to write down “the most important things”. Was it because I was worried to miss or forget something? Or was it because I couldn’t understand the connection? Continue reading “The heart (or the bird) of the story”

Angel of hearts – 11/25

As I sat down in front of my computer today, I knew I wanted to include this beautiful picture (if you don’t mind me saying so 🙂 ) in today’s post. I wasn’t quite sure why or how, but I was determined to “make it work”, as I couldn’t stop looking or thinking about it ever since I took it Saturday during a walk in the forest.

Continue reading “Angel of hearts – 11/25”