Me(ditate) – little by little

Friday I couldn’t help feeling a bit sad, that the 5 weeks were over. Time had truly flown by. I guess it feels like that, when you’re following your heart? So I realised, that I need to give myself a new challenge, which is kind of related to finding my silver lining, my happiness.

I need to keep writing. Having (re)discovered, that I love writing, I need somehow to make that my way of living (wouldn’t that be great? 🙂 ). Not wanting to dwell on how difficult and however impossible it may seem, I need to just follow my heart. Because of that, I will have to come out of my own little bubble and open up to the possibilities. I need to reveal the real me – little by little.

And meditate. Close my eyes and search my soul for the way forward. Follow my intuition and trust, that the universe will guide me, where I need to go. That makes me think, that if your intuition is telling you to write (like mine is), is it then possible that you can make it to your way of living? Can I trust that I will be guided on what to do to make it happen – to find the right job for me?

What happens if I only listen and follow my inner voice, my guide, my intuition in the search for job opportunities? Will that lead me to the job of my dreams, even though I might not know exactly what that is yet? And by that, a new challenge has begun. I was then going to say “wish me luck”, but then I couldn’t help of wondering: do you still need luck if you follow your intuition? Or is that all the luck you need?

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