I looked at the palm of my hand. The 3 questions were still there. I looked at my note book. My head heart filled with a thousand words. Feelings. Impressions. Symbols. Love. Stories. How could I in 3 sentences describe the most important things from this interview story, like I had been told to do by my inner voice – my intuition? How could I capture, what I had just heard seen?

I stared the day feeling nervous. I was about to do something, I have never done before. I was going to make an interview, that I somehow knew was going to change me. Be the first step on my path to pursue a new career as a professional story teller. An interview with no other guide than my intuition. Was it even possible? Can my intuition guide me to do an interview that can be transformed into a personal story? No recordings. No notes. The conversation left only to my memory. How will I know what to ask? Include? How to start? How to end? I closed my eyes. What are the 3 most important things for me to ask her today?

As I wrote down the 3 things that came to me during my meditation (first in my note book, and then in the palm of my hand. Having already felt, that I didn’t need to look in my book during the interview, I thought best have it close to me anyway, in case I was to nervous and couldn’t find the words), I felt the strong urge to take an angel card. Well the inner voice simply told me: if it makes you feel any better, if it can somehow make you understand, that what you are about to do, that the way you in your heart feel is right, then please take one.

I shuffled the cards and then stopped. I was just about to spread them out and pick the one, which I would find “spoke to me the most”, when the voice said: just take the top one. Really? Are you sure? Please just take the top one. I immediately burst in to tears as I turned the top card. I was looking at Archangel Gabriel: Your creativity and hard work are bringing you great rewards… You have the Midas touch right now, so anything you nurture and give your loving attention to will flourish… Whether you’re trying to give birth to a child, nurture life into plants or pets, or help a new project or business to grow, your creativity endeavors will be successful.

I came in from the garden and found myself looking at the bookcase (!) I had just taken today’s picture after coming home from my interview. Could I get a hint of what to write about today, that would somehow capture my experience? Other than the picture? My mind racing like crazy, which book? Which page? Nothing. I stood there. Was I trying too hard? Why am I so drawn to books all the time? (Because you love to write, and it’s sometimes easier for us to communicate with you in that way, the voice said). I stood there. Running my finger through the covers. One by one. Nothing came to me. I looked at the titles. The name of the authors. Still nothing. All of a sudden I started to notice how a lot of the book titles seemed to begin with either the letter A or B. I couldn’t help of wondering if there would be a C?

I uploaded the picture, which I had taken in my garden. I had deliberately put it next to a flower and a thistle. I did it because of what they resemble to me. Blossom, new life. Prickly but hard to kill. The feather in the middle. The center of today’s event. Very symbolic I thought. I could now express exactly how I was feeling. That something new was being brought to life. Something was growing inside me. A new plan. Something I could not easily get rid of (and would it also Blossom in to something beautiful?).

After uploading the picture I realised, that although I had “set up” what I thought was the perfect picture to capture my feelings from today, I realised, that another and perhaps even more important message was trying to come through to me.

I want you to have this feather, she said, as we had finished our walk in the forest today. It’s from a buzzard. It’s rare to find them. It resembles seeing things clearly.

I leaned closer to the picture and looked at the feather. I felt it was somehow looking back at me. Like the “hole” in the feather was an eye. An eye of which gives me the Courage to really SEE her story.

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