The sign of another number

Hello? “Hello there I have read your blog and I was wondering if you would like to tell my story? I’m a clairvoyant and I really like the way you describe your intuition. The way you reflect on the things – I mean on signs that you’re shown. It really hit a nerve with me.” Thank you very much. “So what do you say, I hope you say yes and that we can meet up. I will pay you, of course, I mean it is what you do right?”

I laid down in shavasana (a yoga position – if you don’t know it, google it. Even if you don’t do yoga or have any intension of doing so. It is the most relaxing ever. At least in my humble opinion). Remember you need to go for a walk today, the intuition said. I silently agreed and carried on laying there. This has been my routine every morning since 1st of August. Well not straight-out-of-bed-routine as that is simply not possible, when you have young children. But I have made it to be the first thing I do when I get back home after taking the children to their daycare.

I looked at the kitchen. It could really need a clear and clean up. But if you do that, you will not have time for your walk, before you’re leaving for the workshop tonight, I was told. Part of me felt a sense of relief. After lunch the intuition kept saying, go for a walk. I have been guided to do so before, but today it somehow seemed extraordinarily important.

It has been days since I have had the chance to do my shavasana-routine. My father in law is visiting from England which makes it a bit difficult to do. I discovered today how important it really is for me to have time to do this – to relax and completely let go and listen to my intuition. After all it is almost impossible for me to listen and really pay attention when I’m around people all the time.

I started walking. I somehow felt a shift in my energy. Hard to explain, but I can feel that something is changing. For months I have been seeing 11 or 11 8/8 11 which led me to take the plunge on the 11th of August and become the captain of my own ship. Somehow the number 11 has not been so present the last few days. It got thinking if something was changing for me.

I noticed the cows had been moved in to another field. I have never seen them there before. I carried on. Something made me stop in front of another field and look at the cows there. I stood there, what now? I wanted to count the cows. Thinking there might be 11, but there was only 10. I felt a bit defeated or perhaps more confused? I counted them again. Still only 10. Start walking back, you have seen enough now, the intuition said. You need to start writing on your blog. Really? But what am I to write about? That I need time alone, to be quiet and illuminate as much stress as possible in order to actually hear what my intuition is trying to tell me? Isn’t that obvious?

You will know what to write, when you sit in front of the computer. OK, I’ll walk back home now. As I passed the first cows again (the ones that were in a different field than before), I for some reason wanted to count them too. Counting cows? What is going on? Would there this time be 11 then? But there were 9. 19 cows all together. I got back and sat in front of the computer. Still clueless on what to write about. For some reason I took out our wedding album from the book case. I looked at the pictures. Smiles. Love. A feeling of belonging. Nearly 5 years ago now. There was a brown paper envelope next to it. I don’t remember seeing it before. I took it out and opened it. Inside was my husband’s christening certificate. I looked at it. And then I understood the shift of the number. He was christening on the 19th of December. 19!

It got me thinking about number 19 and what that means? Of course I had to google it (wouldn’t you?). What I found was very much aligned with what I saw and felt last Friday at the beach. “The angel number 19 wants to remind you, that you’re very close to reaching your goal, and that you need to push yourself a little bit more to actually reach it”.

I heard the phone ring and I answered it. Yet it was all displayed by my intuition, just like it was on Friday. Like an inner film og podcast. So real. Almost there. Maybe it’s time to act and push myself a little more. Almost there.

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