Alone in the tree – day 3 of the Law of attraction experiment

She sat down in front of me. I felt nervous yet calm (is that even possible?). What happened next, I did not see coming. There was no way I could have predicted it. She gave me her necklace. I held it in my hand and was about to close my eyes. I didn’t get that far before the first picture popped up in my head – before my eyes. It seemed so real.

I thought I had to sit there for a long time, focus, close my eyes, breath heavily in and out, asking my guides for help. But the picture just appeared. I wanted to interpret it immediately – what did it mean? How was I suppose to tell her what I had seen? Sure, my ego was keen to analyse, but somehow I instinctly new that I should not do that. I should let whomever had shown me the picture answer. I looked away for a second and then I got my answer and a lot more pictures and little short films. Continue reading “Alone in the tree – day 3 of the Law of attraction experiment”

Happy thoughts and smiley faces – day 2 of the experiment :-)

But what does it do? She asked. I looked out the window, well I think it cleans the footpath (looking at this strange machine/car/golf car?-ish thing driving very slowly next to us on the path), I said hoping that the 4 year old in the back seat would find the answer sufficient. Cleans the footpath? I turned briefly to look at her. Seriously? She said whilst still looking puzzled. I could tell that she couldn’t understand it, and then I said to her, well it doesn’t make any sense to me either.

We both started laughing. Me perhaps a little more than her. My stomach starting to hurt whilst trying to keep it together and start driving as the lights turned. I couldn’t stop laughing and after a while she told me as a matter of fact-ish: You know what, mommy? The circus is not in town! Which only made it that more difficult for me to stop laughing (and driving, I might add). Continue reading “Happy thoughts and smiley faces – day 2 of the experiment :-)”

Law of attraction – an experiment

Is it possible to get from 46 to 111 within a very short time? Well I guess it depends, what you’re talking about, right? Can you attract what you want in life? Is there really such a thing called “The law of attraction”? I mean is it really possible and is it something you can learn? Is it difficult? I mean if it was easy, then wouldn’t everyone do it and get what they wanted in life? Are there certain limits on what you can attract? Well I have decided to do an experiment without any previous experience regarding the matter. Continue reading “Law of attraction – an experiment”

Putting the parts together

She leaned forward and looked at something on the counter. I found myself staring at her hair (bare with me, I know this sounds crazy, but there’s a point, I promise). Her hair was parted in the middle and combed very tight down the side of her head and then somehow she had still managed to put the two sides of hair back in a ponytail.

The front of her hair was cut quite short, but still long enough to be brushed literately straight up in the air. When you looked at it from above, it looked like her hair was parted in three almost the same size partings. But somehow the three parts worked together as an united unit and she completely pulled it off, by the way.

When the blinds come down

For the past six months I have been seeing and hearing things (I think I have for a much longer time. Maybe always? But I have not been paying much attention to it). Signs, small films or podcasts, if you like. As an inner voice, guide – my intuition. I have been given so many signs, shown numbers, opened books on pages that instinctively gave me the answer I felt I needed at the time. I have focused and looked for signs everywhere. I wanted a sign for everything. And I got it.

I wanted reassurance that I was on the right track. So much that I wanted to interpreting everything. But yesterday I got to a point were I somehow found, that I don’t need any more signs and reassurance. And I think I’m (slowly) coming to the conclusion that I need to stop doing that and do something else, as it is no longer getting me anywhere closer to a decision on what to do. I have asked for signs long enough. Continue reading “When the blinds come down”

The sign of another number

Hello? “Hello there I have read your blog and I was wondering if you would like to tell my story? I’m a clairvoyant and I really like the way you describe your intuition. The way you reflect on the things – I mean on signs that you’re shown. It really hit a nerve with me.” Thank you very much. “So what do you say, I hope you say yes and that we can meet up. I will pay you, of course, I mean it is what you do right?” Continue reading “The sign of another number”

I see, is the answer

She opened another can and started to eat the content of it. She ate fast. She was sitting a few seats in front of me on the bus. It was dark. I could only see the silhouette of her. The smell of the open cans was one thing, but the sound of her chewing the sausages was even more disgusting. It was like she never closed her mouth when chewing. It would be a very long bus ride, if she would carry on like that.

The sea was only a couple of hundred meters away. I rolled down the windows. I could definitely hear it. The sun came out that same second. It brought tears in my eyes. I had a lot relying on today. I felt I had build it up so much in my head and on my blog. Last night I could hardly fall asleep that’s how excited I was about going to the sea today. Excited in a good way. You know the butterflies. Happy. Singing. Dancing. I was looking for answers and today, I was sure that I would find them. Continue reading “I see, is the answer”